IACAP has a long-lasting tradition of promoting philosophical dialogue and interdisciplinary research on all aspects of the digital turn. IACAP’s members have contributed to shaping the philosophical and ethical debate about computing, information technologies, and artificial intelligence. The 2023 annual meeting will continue this tradition and will gather philosophers, ethicists, roboticists, and computer scientists and engineers interested in the following topics:

    ●       Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    ●       Algorithmic Opacity and Bias
    ●       Artificial Life and Moral Agency
    ●       Autonomous Weapon Systems
    ●       Cognitive Science, Computation & Cognition
    ●       Computational Modelling in Science and Social Science
    ●       Computer-Mediated Communication
    ●       Ethical Problems and Societal Impact of Computation and Information
    ●       History of Computing
    ●       Information Culture and Society
    ●       Metaphysics of Computing
    ●       Philosophy of Information
    ●       Philosophy of Information Technology
    ●       Robotics
    ●       Virtual Reality
    … and related issues

    The meeting will have a main track focusing on topics at the core of IACAP members’ interests. We invite submissions of extended abstracts (up to 1000 words) as well as submission of proposals for symposia.